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Services offered

1 Speech writing. Send me the outline of what you want to say and let me write the speech for you.

2 Speech editing. Let me help you get your speech the right length, make your anecdotes zing, and maybe even add a quick gag to start and finish to keep the audience smiling.

3 Joke writing. If you’re a stand-comic or if you just want a few gags. I can help you write your own jokes or turn your ideas into finished jokes.

4 Stand-up material editing. I have worked with comedians from those just starting, to seasoned professionals. Helping to provide advice on structure, timing and content.

5 Blogging. I can provide quality, sharp, witty blog posts for what ever service or product you’re trying to promote.

6 Radio prep. I’ve worked on radio prep for local and national radio and I can provide topical jokes, top 10s and quiz questions on time.

7 Sketch writing. I’ve written for a number of stage shows and radio shows, as well as pod casts. If you’re putting on a show I can write sketches to order to suit all audiences. This has included radio shows, kids shows and stage shows