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The Sochi Olympics are almost with us a celebration of international fraternity through sports.

Though the International Olympic Committee claims to be politically neutral, sadly the countries that host the Olympics will always use it for political ends.  In 1936 Nazi Germany used the Olympics to snatch a lot of publicity for their poisonous creed.  Now Russia’s spending 50 billion dollars hosting the winter Olympics in Sochi and they’re not doing that because they want to get

” We are the world back in the charts.”

They’re doing it because they want to advertise themselves as a modern, go getting country that businesses can invest in and people go on holiday to.  Perhaps you might even want to get married their.  Married unless you’re  gay, lesbian and transsexual and here’s the rub.

In 2013 Russia passed a law banning “homosexual propaganda to minors”  they had already banned gay pride marches in Moscow for a 100 years.  There’s something especially hateful about legislation that simultaneously silences gay voices and implies paedophilia at the same time.


We’d like you to try and help us do something about this

And does Russia have a problem with a vocal, gay underground improving dress sense and lobbying for better night life?  No more than UK, New Zealand the old USA and the rest of the world. Gays are gays, lesbians are lesbians the whole world over and they’re rather more interested in dating each other than educating anyone in their ways.  They leave that to the Scientologists and other friendly types.

But this legislation like all hate based legislation has normalised prejudice and even violence.  Russia is currently experiencing an epidemic of homophobic violence by organised gangs, who evade prosecution despite airing their crimes on Youtube.


And with Putin’s taste in “macho” shirt free photos, is he running the risk of getting assaulted himself?


This is a Winter Olympics being hosted in a city where the mayor boasts of his city having no gay people. Has the Grinch started stealing Olympic spirit?


When one bears in mind that Sotchi already has several thriving gay clubs, this begins to sound like disturbing like something he wishes for.  This must be stopped, it can be stopped and you can help.

It’s hard to take on a whole country, but with the Winter Olympics there is a chance to make a real difference.  The Olympics has always been a place for sponsorship and big corporations will pay millions of dollars for a chance to associate their products with it. If you let Coca Cola know that every dollar spent on advertising at Sochi is a dollar wasted, more so every dollar spent is a dollar they may well be giving to Pepsi, they might get the message. That supporting a country that legalise prejudice has nothing to do with the Olympic spirit.

Even more importantly when Putin and his supporters see blank billboards and sports reporting without advertising, or just local ads for Ivan’s used snow ploughs instead of McDonalds. Then maybe they will get the hint.

So how can you get this message across?   MyQualityConnection a new NewYork based LGBT dating site is asking that you switch your Facebook avatar for their winter Olympics one.  And maybe just, just maybe Coca Cola will get the hint and then maybe Putin will.  And we can have a winter Olympics everyone can share in.

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