Contact me for references. Or click for my  Upwork page, this is a small sample of some of my more interesting projects.

Recent Projects:

Year Client/Publication Details
2015-2017 MUJU in house writer for topical comedy troupe 2015 Comedy sketch show at London’s Tricycle Theate “Come in Sit Down”
2012-2017 MUJU In house comedy writer for topical sketch show. Content writer and Promotional video
2010-2017 Tim Levy and Associates In house comedy writer; comedic editing for books and speeches
2009-2017 Various (including Dave Cohen and Ivor Dembina) Gag writer (stand up)
2016 Percy Nobleman Comedy scriptwriter and content writer for bespoke beard care brand [link]
2011 Ivor Dembina ‘Is This a Subject for Comedy?’ Assistant writer (stand up)
2009 118 118 Lead writer- mobile phone joke service
2012-2017 Blogger
2012-2017 (now known as Kudop) Content writer and advertorial script writer [link]
2013 Self-published eBook: How To Do Stand Up Comedy (as Sooty Jay) [link]